Fair Trade

The Parish Fair Trade stall has been running since May 2004;

We sell a variety of groceries including
  • pasta
  • rice
  • jam
  • marmalade
  • honey
  • tea
  • coffee
  • muesli
  • chocolate
  • cookies
  • cereal bars
  • sweets
We have a Fair Trader account which entitles us to 10% discount on food and 25% discount on other goods; we sell the products at full price and the surplus covers the cost of products passing their sell-by date and price stickers. Emma Mehmed orders the stock, sets up the stall at St. Oswald's church and runs it usually on the first sunday of the month at both the 6pm Saturday Mass  and on the 10am Sunday mass.

Parish Fair Trade Co-ordinator Emma Mehmed 01733 890840